My journal is moving! Alan has just made me a new journal as a present!

My new username is ant_bug! Come add me! I'm transferring friends and communities now. I'll also go make a post there.

This journal will eventually be deleted. I'm going to go through and save any entries I'm going to keep, and delete the journal. I'll transfer things like my memories over, though. I don't want to lose those.

Come add me!

(looking_glass) James Wilson

Work and Play

Today so far:
11:30 am- wake up.

2:30 pm- get out of bed.

3:00 pm- breakfast.

4:00 pm- back to bed.

6:30 pm- get up again.

8:00 pm- Alan does dishes, I relax,
watch TV, and go online.

And people wonder why I hate days that I work.

Speaking of, I'm REALLY unhappy with next week's
schedule. Dep decided that since I have problems
working more than two nights in a row, I can
obviously take four days in a row without
blinking. >:( Awesome.

Also, Cumby's still has me on file, wants to
pay me more, and is less than 1/4 mile
from my apartment.
Hello. I'm a future new employee. How are you?
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It's been three weeks since my last post.

So, just spent the last few days chillin' in Hillsboro taking care of Ginger and Fred and the house at large.

Dear Mom,
before you lot wander out of state for four days, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE empty the compost.

Also, Hillsboro kids, don't freak out that I didn't come to see you. I had quite literally no time. We got there late Wednesday, had Thursday to ourselves, I worked Friday and Saturday (yesterday), and we got up, packed and left this "morning".

BUT we played Wii Sports and that was so made of win. We were generally having a good time with baseball and bowling, but then Alan discovered boxing. That was AWESOME. He rocks at it.

Sheboopy. I don't know. I'm tired of typing. Goodbye now.


Also, I'm allergic to cats.

What the fuck.
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(animagiblender) Jeeves chokin' bitches

Ignorant Fuckheads

Does anyone know any cool Catholics? I keep having faith in them, and I keep getting gravely disappointed.
I posed this question to Alan and Justin, and Justin noted one cool Catholic.

So, so far the count is one.

In related news, my co-worker Shawn is an ignorant fuckhead.
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(no subject)

Obligatory end-of-semester update:

My grades for this term are as follows:
Astronomy: A
French: B (YAY!!!!!!!11OMG)
Acting: BC (Fux. That was because of a project I ended up not doing. That's a disappointment, but not a surprise.)

GPA for this term: 3.125

So, not a bad semester at all.

My work schedule is as follows:
Monday: 1:30p-10p.
Tuesday: off (which rocks because HOUSE!!)
Wednesday: 1:30p-10p.
Thursday: off
Friday: 2p-11p.
Saturday: 2p-11p.
Sunday: off.

This is at eight bucks an hour at T-bird. This is a GOOD schedule.

Cotton Candy

Overheard yesterday:

Kid 1: *eats cotton candy* "Dude, this piece looks like a cloud."
Kid 2: "WTF? Dude, it's COTTON CANDY. The WHOLE thing looks like a cloud!"
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